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George Bowers

Certified Organic Inspector

     I‘ve been approved to inspect crops

    and processing facilities for organic

certification since 2004. On Hawaii's Big

Island, where I live, I‘ve inspected several

of the largest certified-organic operations,

as well as many smaller ones. My genuine

love for sustainable farming has fueled

my interest in fellow-farmers‘ practices.

Each farm or facility is unique, and

I am always learning along the way.

I myself worked 110 acres of a certified organic coffee farm for 7 years, where

my knowledge was put to practical

use. I truly enjoy being out in the field,

and that enthusiasm carries over into

my inspections and consultations.

                                         I don‘t just push

                                          papers — I

                                           push dirt, too!

                                           Please contact

                                            me to ask any


                                              about my


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